Top Pest Control Tactics That Hardly Work

Any abundance of pests – whether fleas, insects, spiders, ticks and crawling insects – will leave you in a fix. You can do a quick Google search using popular keywords such as, “how to get rid of pests.” A large number of pest control measures are valuable for implementation at home. Some are so simple you can easily do it yourself. However, before you get into the actual work, ensure that your approach is tried and tested before. That way you will be sure it works. At Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we have several years of experience working with homeowners around the locality so that we can share some insightful tips.


pest control1. DIY Pest Control

Going to the local store and buying DIY pest control products hardly work. It’s either the product is defective, or you lack the experience to execute it effectively. Several cases of store products having high toxic rating than the chemicals used by professionals have been reported. This can be hazardous if it gets into contact with any of the inhabitants. Professionals have years of experience accompanied by training on the right way to get the job done.


2. Natural Repellants

Some plants deter various insects or bugs. Common examples are lavender, catnip and lemongrass. Mosquitoes and some other bugs detest their smell. Unfortunately, they are not strong enough to deter a mosquito from going after a meal. In that respect, the best way you can maximize their impact is by having them set ground up. If you have other pest deterrent alternatives, it would be better to prioritize them more than the repellant plants.


3. Selective Treatment for Pets

By selective treatment, we are referring to those who treat their pets for ticks and fleas without attending to the environment too. All vets recommend many pet treatments. However, you must be smart about it. By treating your dog only, you are only scratching the surface. You should treat the lawn to get rid of the source of ticks and fleas.


4. Selective Outdoor Trimming

Only tending to overgrown trees and shrubs is not good enough. Extend your purge to overgrown shrubs. This is more strategic as you are carrying out a multi-faceted attack on their breeding grounds. That way they are unable to find refuge when one of their habitats is destroyed.


5. Use Organic Products

While some cherish the idea of using organic products, others associate them with safety and truth. Organic products such as crushed seashells cut up the hard exterior exoskeletons of pests walking around the home. Using organic alternatives is way better than sprinkling white powder across the home. In several cases, the powder does not work. You might eliminate a few pests that venture out onto the white powder, but you are not tackling the cause of your infestation.

Some are

productFinally: Go for a Pest Control Method That Works

The best way to keep insects out of your home for good is by getting professional pest control assistance. Any DIY effort will be merely scratching the surface. If you are lucky, it will work, if not the situation can only exacerbate.

Guide on How to Bug-Proof the Home

Many are frightened by bugs while others fascinated. Despite your preferences, one thing stands out. Insects are irritable. Not only do insects create unsavory conditions, but they can also be very annoying. A simple fly buzzing over or the stinging bite from mosquitoes can be unbecoming. Wasps, bees, and scorpions will result in painful stings while mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can bring about diseases that are transported by humans or pets. A cockroach can contribute to allergies and other asthma attacks, particularly in children.

When bugs reproduce exponentially, it can turn out to be a losing battle. Fortunately, there is a way out of it. If you understood what attracts the bugs to the home, you can start making changes that will rid them for good.

Like humans, insects require water, food, and shelter purposefully for survival. At this point, you are required to supply food and get rid of all bug hiding spots. To prevent infestation, try to keep them out entirely. At this point, seal all cracks and gaping holes in the exterior of the home. Tighten all entry points used by the insects to gain access into the house too. Here is a simple guide on how to achieve a bug-free home.

Seal the Doors

A locked door keeps out intruders through properly sealed doors and keeping out unwarranted pests. A great way of examining all entryways is by a careful examination of entry points. This creates a surprising number of unsealed gaps which form an entrance path for bugs.


Use Screens

Most homeowners depend on natural ventilation from windows and doors to rush in fresh air into the home. This is tempting given the hot, humid summer days. Unfortunately, the summer period is the worst time of the year to be swamped by fleas, mosquitoes, and other invading pests. It feels great to enjoy the fresh air without having to endure the pain of annoying insects.

Maintain the Yard

Taking part of yard maintenance will hugely impact bug infestation when it comes to fleas and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes rely on a great deal of water for breeding. A good way of checking this is by removing any stagnant pool water. This drastically reduces the mosquito population. When standing over stagnant water in the yard, go for a thatch buildup where aerating the lawn reduces this problem allowing water to sip into the soil naturally.

Repair Cracks

Most bugs are microscopic and can easily enter the home through holes and cracks. This is what makes sealing cracks a priority. This is what makes sealing exterior cracks a great way of bug-proofing the home. Begin by examining the home exterior with a critical eye. Examine missing sections or damaged sections of your siding, cracked foundations or crumbling bricks and rotting wood.

Seal Pipe Penetrations

Unlike most homeowners, avoid dealing with utility installations. This can be a new cable line, phone wiring or internet service. Installers will run their lines through drilled holes on the exterior walls. The more installers present, the more possibility of a gap that might have occurred over time. Carefully check the exterior of these gaps for any holes.

What to Do When Faced with a Termite Invasion

Home is a castle whose sanctity and comfort should never be compromised. All care and attention must be accorded this haven that we consider to be safe by all means. This is especially so when pests such as termites are involved. Not to mention just how annoying they can be especially when they are not handled in good time. They tend to multiply when the conditions are favorable to them. All the more reason to maintain your house as you should if you are to see perfect results. If your home has succumbed to these nasty bugs, be sure to follow all the steps listed down below.

Contact the Experts

Don’t wait till there is an invasion and you are not ready to face them single-handedly. You can contact the experts even at the mere sight of just one. Termites have a way of making their presence felt, and the results are scary just as they are surprising.

The genuine experts are appropriately established, and their contacts and addresses are everywhere around the internet. Here, you can tell just how seriously they can handle this kind of task if they were called upon.

It all gets simple when you know just where and how to get in touch and explain your case to them. However, they all don’t operate under the same terms. Each one of them has a formula that they swear by. It works, and you will be pleased with the result.

Years of Experience

man spraying a treeMost of them have been in the pest control industry for quite a long time. You will be surprised at what they can do once they are called upon. With long years of experience, you can rest assured that your preferred pest control agents will deliver accordingly.

After all, your main aim should be the quality of the work delivered to you. The tactics used are a sure way of proving just how competent they can be when given a chance.
All the more reason for you to carry out your search carefully.

Affordable Quotes

Since you are paying to have your home feel good as new, you don’t have to break your account. There are plenty of pest control companies that offer their services at fair prices.

The best part is that there are wide varieties to choose from in case you are not pleased with the ones that you have tried. With this factor in mind, you are all set to take your termite infested home to a whole new level.

pest services

Quality Equipment

When the equipment used in termite control is of high quality, the results will please you.

Another factor that has to be looked into is how to utilize the equipment available. Only the experts know what is required of them and play by the rules. When used correctly, the said equipment can accomplish a lot more.
A termite invasion can be quite a tricky subject when it’s your first time to handle such. As you familiarize yourself with the same, it all becomes a smooth sail.