If you are looking to buy a condo, it is necessary to know some standard things to look for. The following are some of the things most people overlook when buying a condo:


condo storageCheck whether your unit comes with a locker. Also, you need to check whether the locker is assigned or titled. It is a good idea to measure the locker if you are going to store seasonal items such as snowboards, baseball equipment, bike, hockey gear, and much more. In addition, a great condo should have storage space for linens. Storage can be a serious issue once you settle. Thus, check whether it is sufficient for you to be comfortable.


You need to check whether your condo is made of wood frame or concrete. This makes a difference in overall fire safety and noise. Other than being safer, the concrete buildings are less suitable to noise. This means you will hear what your neighbor is saying. It is advisable to check the engineer’s report to understand how your unit is built.


Does your stove hood fan vent outside or does it circulate? If you do not like unidentified aromas, then this is an important thing you need to check. This is something you need to check. Certain older complexes ventilate the complex. If you smell what every neighbor is cooking, then it may not be the right place to live. The truth is that the various mixes of smells may not be pleasant to you. Therefore, you need to consider this.

Also, if the unit has air conditioning, you need to check whether it is regulated. If it is recycled, then you will need to open the floor of the unit a few times a day to get fresh air. However, if the unit is located near industrial parks, then you may experience funky outdoor smells.

Owner Occupancy Rate

condo livingYou can get the percentage from the condo association. It is a good idea to inquire about the number of actual owners that occupy the entire complex. Remember that the rentals are quite popular in Canada. The truth is that owners living in the units have invested into the building and will take care of common areas such as hallways, garbage rooms, amenity rooms, lobbies, and parking garage.

Garbage Locale

Check whether the condo unit has a garbage collection system or a recycling program. This is an important aspect to look for as it will affect your living in the condo.