Top Pest Control Tactics That Hardly Work

Any abundance of pests – whether fleas, insects, spiders, ticks and crawling insects – will leave you in a fix. You can do a quick Google search using popular keywords such as, “how to get rid of pests.” A large number of pest control measures are valuable for implementation at home. Some are so simple you can easily do it yourself. However, before you get into the actual work, ensure that your approach is tried and tested before. That way you will be sure it works. At Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we have several years of experience working with homeowners around the locality so that we can share some insightful tips.


pest control1. DIY Pest Control

Going to the local store and buying DIY pest control products hardly work. It’s either the product is defective, or you lack the experience to execute it effectively. Several cases of store products having high toxic rating than the chemicals used by professionals have been reported. This can be hazardous if it gets into contact with any of the inhabitants. Professionals have years of experience accompanied by training on the right way to get the job done.


2. Natural Repellants

Some plants deter various insects or bugs. Common examples are lavender, catnip and lemongrass. Mosquitoes and some other bugs detest their smell. Unfortunately, they are not strong enough to deter a mosquito from going after a meal. In that respect, the best way you can maximize their impact is by having them set ground up. If you have other pest deterrent alternatives, it would be better to prioritize them more than the repellant plants.


3. Selective Treatment for Pets

By selective treatment, we are referring to those who treat their pets for ticks and fleas without attending to the environment too. All vets recommend many pet treatments. However, you must be smart about it. By treating your dog only, you are only scratching the surface. You should treat the lawn to get rid of the source of ticks and fleas.


4. Selective Outdoor Trimming

Only tending to overgrown trees and shrubs is not good enough. Extend your purge to overgrown shrubs. This is more strategic as you are carrying out a multi-faceted attack on their breeding grounds. That way they are unable to find refuge when one of their habitats is destroyed.


5. Use Organic Products

While some cherish the idea of using organic products, others associate them with safety and truth. Organic products such as crushed seashells cut up the hard exterior exoskeletons of pests walking around the home. Using organic alternatives is way better than sprinkling white powder across the home. In several cases, the powder does not work. You might eliminate a few pests that venture out onto the white powder, but you are not tackling the cause of your infestation.

Some are

productFinally: Go for a Pest Control Method That Works

The best way to keep insects out of your home for good is by getting professional pest control assistance. Any DIY effort will be merely scratching the surface. If you are lucky, it will work, if not the situation can only exacerbate.