The Growing Importance of Aluminum in Modern Houses

Aluminum has indeed made it through to the highest hierarchy of the most important metals in recent decades. Dubbed as the “future gold,” its significance has since affected many of today’s modern industries. Especially important in such industries as automobile, aerospace, and construction; aluminum is truly irreplaceable because of its unique properties.

Such is its importance in modern houses. Today, contemporary concepts of architectural designs of modern homes cannot do away with aluminum as a primary construction element. From the exteriors to the house’ interior, from the kitchen to the bedrooms and living room; traces of aluminum are in almost every corner of a modern home. Its applicability is truly wide range and has become the material of choice in the installation of the following house parts.

Aluminum Windows

great viewAluminum is perfect-fit for your windows. Aside from getting a stylish finish of your windows, you can have big panes of glass for your windows because of the thinner aluminum frame. Because you can pre-set the color of the aluminum frames, you can have your favorite color on it which unlike paints or varnish, the color can’t be removed by simple friction alone.

With its property not to expand or contract with heat changes, you will never experience difficulty in opening and closing of your windows. Aluminum is easier to maintain and is more durable than wood.

Bathroom and Toilet Doors

Doors of showers and toilets are subjected to getting wet most of the time. This is the reason why it is not advisable to use wood or tin. Damp wood is prone to decay faster while tin can rust early. This makes aluminum the perfect choice because it does not rust or decay. Its light weight makes it even more suitable for this use.

Bi-Folding Doors

bi-folding doorSliding doors or bi-folding doors are perfect when they are made of aluminum. These are usually used in doors going to verandas and gardens. Compared to wooden sliding doors, an aluminum-made bi-folding door creates wider view from the inside for you to have a perfect view of your garden and other sceneries outside your house.
While wooden sliding doors may be subjected to corrosion because of its exposure to the sun and rain, aluminum has properties to fend off wear and tear caused by exposure to heat and water.

Home Accessories

Aquariums use aluminum as its frame and so with curtain bars. There are many other decorations and other stuff that is made of aluminum. In your kitchen, kettles and other pots which are generally used for boiling are usually made from this alloy because of its high heat conductivity. Most of your devices at home have spare parts made of aluminum, and so are your electrical wirings.

Aluminum has indeed come a long way since. It is not only in the home where its importance has grown immensely. Because of its delightful properties, the time will soon come when it can replace steel in other aspects of construction.